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True Story - Couples that float together stay together ;-)

Love, Float Therapy
Couples Floatation Session

When I had my first float I was 31 weeks pregnant, tired and moody as hell. My previous pregnancy was painful and I experienced Post Natal Depression. For my birthday my husband organised to go for a float therapy session, the idea being I would be weightless and I'd feel pain free for an hour. The night of the float I slept like a baby but that's not the most exciting thing about it.

A little secret... we were barely talking to each other at the point in time as I was so sleep deprived but after the session we sat in the chill out room, looked at each other and decided that float therapy needed to come to Oxford.

Now I see couples float regularly and I get to speak to them after the session. They are always on the same level of relaxation, they may have had a different experience from one another but the natural high they feel allows them to let go. They will talk about the feeling of weightlessness, the feeling of silence, the feeling of doing nothing and not having to answer to anybody.

Put your phones away and have a conversation with each other, if you want the chance to completely relax with your partner book in for a couples float and you'll pay £40 each.

Don't worry you float in separate tanks....

Book via the Fresha app https://www.fresha.com/providers/180068 or contact me directly to discuss further oxfordfloatationcentre@outlook.com

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