• Hannah Ireson

Enhanced Senses & Complete Stillness

I had been saving up my hair wash for over a week to have my float and the excitement for the hours peace was quite a lot. However when you build something up so much and it doesn't turn out how you expect, it can ruin it, I never like anyone to go in the tank expecting something.

You have to let the tank take you on the journey you need, whether its to relieve tension and it remains very physical or you have an emotional float to help you think through your feelings, you may even just sleep the entire session.

The run up to this float had been hectic; opening evening, getting my 8 month old into nursery, mum guilt, my 3 year old being tired at school, new float clients and some wonderful returning clients. The pods are also like extra children and I take looking after them very seriously, so cleaning those everyday and the general day to day running of the centre has sent my brain into overdrive.

I turned all of the lights in the centre off, apart from the make up lights in the dressing area, I wanted complete black out but not complete sensory deprivation, I did want to try a different sound track. I had track 15 - waves with Orcas.

I sank into the float very quickly, I found comfort with my hands above my head instead of under and I didn't change from this position until the point at which I thought someone was in the building. The reason I thought this was because there was a light around the lid and I can barely see at the best of times, when I focused on this light and tried to touch it, it was no longer there. I think in deep darkness my eyes adjusted and were able to pick out the smallest amount of light. There were shapes moving over my face and I couldn't shut my eyes even thought I wanted to, I felt compelled to watch whatever was going on in the darkness. I felt paralysed in this float but it was such a comforting feeling, I just didn't want to move.

The only moment I didn't fell part of the water was when a cold drip randomly dropped onto my stomach and I realised I was actually here.

I felt so incredibly aware of myself in that moment, I am on this float journey with the clients coming into the centre and I can't wait to experience more floats like this when I am in real need.

Lisa Simpson in the flotation tank
Lisa Simpson Float Therapy/Sensory Deprivation

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