Improved Circulation:

The infrared waves heat the body to the core which causes an increase in blood flow. Heating the body rather than the cabin means that its more comfortable to sit in.


Cellular detoxification: The body heals itself safely and naturally through sweating which rids harmful toxins.


Increased metabolism: Metabolic rate speeds up as the body works to cool itself! P.S. clinical studies show a session can burn upward of 600 calories!


Relaxation and stress relief: Infrared saunas are shown to release endorphins which cause a positive feeling within the body. The production of serotonin is also increased through the warming effect on the body. Serotonin is associated with happiness and well-being. 


Muscular pain relief: The infrared waves penetrate the muscle tissues and joints relieving aches and pains. The increase in blood circulation helps to break down lactic acid built up within the muscles, allowing sore and tired muscles to relax and rejuvenate. 


Lower blood pressure: Whilst the sauna increases blood flow it also safely increases heart rate resulting in a decrease in blood pressure.


Skin purification:

Your skins elasticity is restored whilst sweating in the infrared sauna. The detoxifying sweat also tightens pores whilst helping to dispose of dead skin cells creating a revitalizing glow. 

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