About Us

The Road to Relaxation

The idea for Oxford Floatation Centre came from a floatation session I had when I was 32 weeks pregnant. It was the most peaceful hour I'd had in 7 months and for the first time I felt painless. The relief to my ribs and hips was priceless and I felt my baby relax and float too...

I had two further floats after my son was born and both were so different from the first. Allowing, not only my body to rest I felt my mind relax too, I felt clearer by the 3rd and the tension in my neck and shoulders had dropped out.

It was then I knew that I wanted to bring floatation therapy to Oxfordshire.


Science teaches us that water holds memory and has an energetic nature (electrical impulses) which has always defied physics, you have around two thirds of a trillion molecule’s in each of your cell's, depending on your size, you have between 30 & 50 trillion cells with each molecule comprising of 98%, meaning you are made of 98% water.

You were conceived in liquid during which, your main development happened whilst you were completely immersed in liquid, Then just consider how new born babies react to water, they love it, or head to a local river or beach and watch how many love to even just watch the water go by to gain peace within and or pleasure.

Throughout the ages, our ancestors respected the importance of water, as well as religions encouraging both promoting the importance of water in relation to its amazing ability to purify & cleanse.


We have spent a great deal of time getting the levels of Epsom Salt (viscosity) just right, meaning you get the double cuddle, immediately the specially mixed salty water will hold you at just the correct level, if your already relaxed enough, you will feel a second pull, around 3 to 5mm which I believe is allowing your body to rest exactly right in terms of your natural posture.

Many users of my center believe they have their posture corrected after only 2 or 3 session’s, believing what’s actually happening is the body posture is corrected by the water as your laying in the pod and because it’s an hours session, the mind forgets its previously damaging posture, or realises the new posture is obviously better.


I was a very busy working mum of one son and another on the way, married to my husband who runs his own building business, when I first tried a floatation pod, not considering it would in any way help with my suffering some (10) years with endometriosis and an incredibly painful pregnancy. I would never have believed something as easy and simple as a floatation pod could help with something so deep inside me, but it did, thus within just over 1 year we set up the Oxford Floatation Center

Lastly, many spend a huge amount of time and effort in meditation, yet surely the basis for meditation is to get you into a relaxed state, I would suggest instead of attempting to meditate to reach a feeling of absolute relaxation, just book yourself for either the most popular method, 30 minutes in the infra-red sauna, which penetrates the skin up to 3 inches deep, helping your body to sweat unwanted or needed toxins from daily life, then head for the full amazing floatation experience.

As well as pain relief and pain management, we have had all types of people float with us such as a writer suffering writers block, two sessions and the ideas were flying, meditators stating they achieved a much deeper and real form of relaxation which they had never experienced previously, but why not just try, because no matter how well I can articulate the experience, it doesn’t come close to giving yourself something to reconnect you back to you