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"I believe in our culture we need certain socially accepted places where we don’t answer the telephone, we don’t have to answer questions or agree with anyone on anything" John C Lilly

Float Therapy

Enjoy 60 minutes of deep relaxation with no distractions. The extraordinary sensation of complete weightlessness allows the body to re-align and rejuvenate

People in a sauna

Infrared Sauna

It is now known that humans have been aware of the power of light to heal for literally thousands of years. Many ancient tribes worshipped the sun or have given massive importance to it as the giver of life. Sunlight has been used for many years to treat an array of different diseases.

Our infrared sauna is comfortable and heats your body from the core. Asthmatics can sit for 30 minutes and breathe easy.

Holistic Therapies Available

➤ Infrared Sauna
➤Yoga Sauna
➤ Acupuncture
➤ Chakra & Energy Balancing
➤ Deep Tissue Massage
➤ Hot Stone Massage
➤ OFC Signature Treatment

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Float Pricing

➤ Single Float - £55
➤ Float with a friend - £85
➤ Package Deals - 3 Floats for £125
➤ 10 Floats for £390

Monthly Membership

See how friends of Oxford Floatation Centre feel about float therapy.

Float to de-stress

Float to relieve pain

Float for creativity and visualisation

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